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Majestik Multimedia is committed to making your online purchases and downloads as safe and secure as possible. We also respect people’s concerns about using credit cards on the Internet.


When you make an online purchase at our web store <https://squareup.com/market/majestik-multimedia> or <http://www.amazon.com/shops/ACJ46TN7LNOZB> you are protected by the latest technology and security safeguards available on the Internet as well as sound commercial practices.


When you finalize your order (“Complete Checkout”), you are connected to a Secure Server before you are asked to enter your credit card details.


All information you enter on our order form is encrypted (changed into meaningless data that cannot be read by anyone without the encryption key) before it is transferred to the Secure Server. Your details are also protected by safeguards that prevent unauthorized access and constantly monitor attempts to gain access.


The Secure Server also has a Certificate issued by an independent company to verify the owner of the computer that you are sending our information to. A small padlock, or key, will be displayed in the task-bar at the bottom or top of your screen (depending on your choice of web browser) to indicate that you are connected to a Secure Server. You can view details by clicking on the padlock or key.


Your details are only kept on the Secure Server for as long as necessary to process your order. Your credit card details are not stored on any computer that is connected to the Internet.


If you like to use alternate forms of payment such as check or money order, we do not accept checks or money orders for digital downloads. You can use pre-paid debit cards instead (such as Rushcard, Western Union, GreenDot, Vanilla, netSpend, etc.) to purchase items.


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